Gtek 160R Mech Kit Assembly
Gtek 160R Mech Kit Assembly
Gtek Mech Kit Assembly
Gtek Mech Kit Assembly
Gtek 160R Mech Kit Installed
Gtek 160R Mech Kit Installed
Gtek 160R Mech Kit Installed
Gtek 160R Mech Kit Installed
Gtek Mech Kit Parts

Mechanical Conversion Kit for Gtek and 160R

Legacy Mods

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We are ceasing sales of our mechanical conversion kits until we receive the replacement valve parts. When sales resume, all kits will come with the replacement valve parts installed.


Get electronic rate of fire with a completely mechanical marker!

Convert your Planet Eclipse Gtek or 160R from electronic to full-mechanical with this drop-in conversion kit.  Specially designed for rapid cycle times and a featherweight trigger, it's easy to fire 10+ rounds per second - with no electronics.

The star of the show is a pneumatic (mechanical) valve that replaces the electronic firing solenoid.  Installing it is a 10-minute job, and it requires no modifications to the frame.  We even include the screwdriver and a hex wrench.

Compatible with both Gtek and 160R markers.

This kit includes everything you need to install it:

  • Valve assembly
  • Orange lever (for Gtek)
  • Green lever (for 160R)
  • Valve gasket
  • Miniature Phillips screwdriver
  • 1.5mm hex wrench
  • (4) black M2 screws
  • (2) silver M1.6 screws

Product documentation and videos

Here's a video showing the very first prototype in action - it's only gotten better since then!

Here's a video review, comparing this kit and Planet Eclipse's Gmek frame.

Frequently asked questions for this product can be found here.

Designed and manufactured in Arizona, USA.


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