GMK-01 - FAQs

My mech kit leaks when I hold the trigger down. What's wrong with it?

Nothing is wrong with your kit, that is the venting function that was designed into the part. It enables the valve to reset faster, allowing the marker to achieve a high rate of fire. We explored options to eliminate the continuous venting, but they resulted in a more complicated and less reliable product.


I air up my marker and the valve assembly leaks and the marker won't fire. What's going on?

The marker's trigger is holding the valve open, causing the continuous venting and not allowing the marker's bolt system to reset. To fix this, the trigger adjustment set screws must be adjusted to move the trigger forward to allow the mech kit valve to close (instructions are provided on page 13 of the marker's manual). Another option is trimming the lever to size; they are made from a plastic so they can easily be trimmed to the desired trigger position.


Do I need to apply oil or grease to the valve?

The short answer is no. Throughout testing, we did not apply any lubricant to the kit, and it performed without any issues. If your valve begins leaking and the troubleshooting guide in the manual doesn't help, contact us at


Will this kit work with (marker name)?

This kit is designed to work only with the Planet Eclipse Gtek and Gtek 160R. Have any questions or suggestions for a mech kit for a different marker? Send them to us at




Have any questions that aren't displayed? 

Send them to and we'll get them answered.