Turn your Gtek or 160R into a high-speed mechanical marker!


After tons of development tweaks and testing, the GMK-01 Mechanical Conversion Kit is now available to order!  This kit converts a Planet Eclipse Gtek or 160R from an electronic marker to a purely mechanical design.

"Why?", you ask...  Because we can!  And because these are fantastic markers, but people like us want a mechanical version.

And, boy - is it fast!  It's specifically designed for a very light-touch, so it's easy to walk the trigger for really fast shooting - 10 shots a second is very possible if you've got quick fingers.  But it's not a reactive trigger design - it's a legitimate one-pull, one-shot trigger.

The star of the kit is our own innovation - a trigger valve that's a drop-in replacement for the firing solenoid and all the electronics.  It's specifically designed to be compatible with both the Gtek and the 160R (their frame designs are similar but different).

No permanent modifications are required to use this kit.  Just unscrew the solenoid and attach our pneumatic trigger valve - it's a 10-minute project, and easy to undo too.  The kit includes all the screw hardware and a custom gasket - even a screwdriver and hex key are provided. 

"But, 10 shots per second without eyes?  Won't it chop paint?"  You bet it can!  If you're planning to shoot that fast, your hopper better keep up.  In testing, we've found that a power-feed hopper can actually stay ahead of rapid-firing, so chopping paint isn't a real problem.  But don't expect the same speed with a gravity-feed hopper. ;-) 

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